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Our certified Kolbe consultants focus on the innate unchanging part of the mind to identify people's natural talents and how they instinctively approach problem-solving.

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MO Affect provides the missing link for all conferences, workshops, business meetings, and  team building, large or small, with our interactive presentations. 

Every participant will be actively engaged in learning how to use their instinctive strengths, which do not change over time.

Knowledge of this information positively impacts individual relationships and productivity in the workplace.


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MO Affect consultants use the Kolbe A™ Index because it is so unique.


It is the only validated assessment that measures a person's cognitive strengths or instinctive way of doing things (a person’s M.O.)​​ and it does not change over time.

​​It gives you a greater understanding of your own human nature and allows you to begin the process of maximizing your potential, both personally and professionally, by utilizing your strengths and discovering ways to fill your strength gaps​.


Kolbe assessments can compliment affective (personality/emotional) and cognitive assessments to zero in on the one area of a person’s psychology that is constant and predictable.


The Kolbe A™ results feed into many useful Kolbe assessments, comparisons, and team diagnostics that can help with hiring the right fit, preventing conflict, and increasing productivity.

Tired of sitting through the same old  presentations, think differently!

MO Affect Consultants will spice it up with an energetic presentation that includes every individual.

We customize our  presentations to meet the needs of any organizational function.

Make the most of your staff’s natural talents by utilizing their strengths to increase productivity and to cultivate a positive work environment.  Our interactive workshops focus on how each individual can maximize their potential and work with team members effectively.

Unlike personality or skills-based tests, our consultants focus on the innate unchanging part of the mind to identify people's natural talents and how they instinctively approach tasks. This information will make an immediate difference for all individuals professionally and personally.


What Our Clients Are Saying


I took a look at my long report on the website as well as listened to the audio. I think it “hit the hammer on the head” and provided a lot of context about my approaches to problems. 

Thank you for the opportunity, it really does provide value. 


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