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MO Affect Certified Consultants can help parents and children gain powerful insight on how to improve communication and problem-solving skills, as well as increase personal success in school, extracurricular activities, social situations, and at home.

We utilize the Kolbe Y™ Index (4th grade reading level to age 17) which identifies a child’s distinctive way of taking action (M.O.). It's  quick and the results are instantly available online.


The Kolbe Y™ Index is most effective when used in combination with the Parent Guide™, which helps parents better support and develop their child's unique strengths. along with the Kolbe Parent Guide™ Report which offers customized parenting and communication techniques unique to your child’s conative strengths.



MO Affect Certified Consultants can help improve relationships by understanding one another's styles for taking action. You will get insight on how to trust your instincts, instead of trying to fix each other, how to avoid stress over simple things, and practical tips for defusing conflict.

MO Affect Certified Consultants are not accredited therapists or psychologists, but Takes Two® can be a positive first step toward therapy, and can even assist a therapist in understanding you and your relationship.

We offer Takes Two®, an easy on-line index that which includes two Kolbe A™ Index results for you and your partner, and a customized relationship guide that identifies instinctive strengths you may not even be aware of, but will be apparent as you review the report.

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