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MO Affect Certified Consultants work with organizations, teams and individuals to put the principles of the Kolbe System™ into practice and produce measurable results. We customize the Kolbe Team Success ™  program to meet your goals.

Comparison: A-to-A™ Reports help develop better working relationships, prevent conflict, and build awareness of differences.

TEAM seminars include a complete inventory and analysis of a team’s unique set of instinctive strengths and participants learn how to use their natural talents and collaborate with others to enhance performance and improve your organization’s culture.



MO Affect Certified Consultants can help reduce turnover and increase retention by creating job profiles and effectively rating candidates using the Kolbe RightFit™ Program.

We provide "the missing link" in the hiring process using the Kolbe A™ Index results, which are unbiased by gender, age, race, and national origin, and the Kolbe C™ Index which is completed by supervisors and identifies the conative demands of a specific job.

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