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MO Affect Certified Consultants work with organizations, teams, and individuals to put the principles of the Kolbe System™ into practice and produce measurable results. We can help identify how an employee's strengths match or conflict with the demands of their job. We customize detailed reports to meet your objectives and improve company culture.

We will identify the instinctive traits of individuals using the Kolbe A™ Index. The result is a person's M.O., or modus operandi, which indicates how people use their instincts to prevent problems, respond to opportunities and initiate solutions.

Employees answer questions in the Kolbe B™ Index to identify their job-related self-expectations and perceptions of the demands of their job. Comparing Kolbe A™ and Kolbe B™ result helps job holders to see where they may be working against their natural grain. 

The Kolbe C™ Index is completed by supervisors. It identifies the conative demands of a specific job. Comparing Kolbe A™ Index to Kolbe C™ result uncovers areas of job-related stress.

Trust Your Instincts

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