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“Kolbe theory sees every student as perfectly capable, though always in a unique and personal way. Instead of judging children against one arbitrary, impersonal standard, this method focuses on the child's natural instinctive abilities and innate strengths. By encouraging the expression of these individual gifts, then linking them to wise decision-making and personal enthusiasm, the theory helps teachers and parents find the "naturally perfect" capabilities in every child.”

                                                                                                                                                                       – Kathy Kolbe 



MO Affect Certified Youth Advocacy Consultants believe that the Dynamynd, Inc. program will be the difference in Education across the globe. Learners will understand, manage, and leverage their innate talents and have the freedom to use their natural methods to learn for increased success in all aspects of their lives.

We utilize the Kolbe Y™ Index (4th grade reading level to age 17) which identifies a student’s distinctive way of taking action (M.O.). Learners and Educators gain powerful insight on how to improve communication and problem-solving skills, and increase personal success in school, extracurricular activities, and social situations, with only a minimal modification of existing methods.

MO Affect Certified Consultants provide customized programs for professional development, workshops, conferences, youth advocacy organizations and more.

Kathy Kolbe’s Method, based on more than 30 years of conative research and practice:

*reverses the trend of defining learning as a predominately cognitive function by clarifying learning as an action-oriented, affectively-motivated process that requires more than just finding a standardized answer.

 *empowers students with the freedom to learn in the ways that are most natural to them, encouraging them to do what they do best and celebrating them for their unique abilities.

*fosters purposeful learning in which students manage verified instinct-based strengths to achieve meaningful goals.




MO Affect Certified Consultants offer a unique career program created by Kathy Kolbe. The OPgig Program is unlike any other career program because it identifies conative capabilities, the way individual’s instinctively do their best work.  

This quick and easy on-line assessment is perfect for students, graduates, working adults or organizations that provide career counseling. It provides reports specific to you as well as a list of currently available job openings, both locally and nationwide.

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